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Hickory Hollow



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Punchneedle on Pumpkin Basket

This unusual pumpkin-shape basket is made even more distinct with the punch needle scene of pumpkins and bittersweet in a vintage-looking crock. The basket measures approximately 14-in. tall with handle lowered.
Price 35.00

Witch & Broom Beeswax Ornament

This detailed beeswax ornament of a witch riding a broom is coated with cinnamon. There is a rusty bell accenting the ornament and can be hung by the rusty wire. The ornament measures 2-1/2-in. wide by 4-in long.
Price 10.00

Grinning Pumpkin Beeswax Ornament

Add this beeswax grinning pumpkin ornament to your Halloween decorations. The pumpkin face is detailed and is accented with cinnamon. Hang the ornament on a feather tree or shelf by the rusty wire. The ornament measures 3-in. square.
Price 8.00

Halloween Bats

When hung with your Halloween decorations, these bats will get a second look because they appear so real. You will receive an open-winged bat as well as a folded-wing bat. The 6-in. tall bats are stained and sanded for a rustic appearance and have strings for hanging any where.
Price 15.00

Black Cat and Pocket Pumpkin

This painted and sanded black cat with pocket pumpkin measures approximately 12-in. tall. The cat's nose and mouth are hand stitched in a dark brown contrasting thread. Antique ceramic buttons are sewn on for the cat eyes. A tea-dyed quilt scrap holds a primitive pumpkin pal. The stained "Spooky" tag is attached with a rusty pin. PLEASE NOTE: This cloth cat and pumpkin are for display only and are not appropriate as a child's toy.
Price 20.00

Primitive Cloth Pumpkin Patch

These three cloth pumpkins have wooden stems and are decorated with leaves. The three pumpkins are sized from approximately 6-in. in width to 3-in. in width and is a slightly different shape. They are sanded and stained for a rustic appearance. The trio are sold together but if you are interested in purchasing one of the pumpkins separately, contact me for pricing.
Price 22.00

Halloween Witch-Cat Flip Flop Doll

This is a Hickory Hollow customer favorite! Something went terribly wrong with the latest brew stirred up by Felina Witch. Turn her over and you will discover the problem. Felina Cat is made of black wool and is holding a mouse. Felina Witch has a pet spider crawling on her fingers. Both dolls are stained and scented for a delightful Halloween piece. PLEASE NOTE: This is for decoration only and is not appropriate as a child's toy.
Price 40.00